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Pronto’s Dinner Parties

Pronto’s Dinner Parties

Holding a dinner party with friends or family or simply fancy a night off cooking? We have the perfect dish available for collection or delivery.


Casserole dish serves 6 -8

Rogan Josh

Tender lamb with all the spices of India!

Includes garam masala, coriander and yoghurt

Beef Stroganoff

Seared beef strips served in a delicious sour cream mushroom sauce

Shepherds’ Pie

Premium beef mince and vegetables in a rich brown gravy, topped with fluffy potato mash and a crispy layer of tasty cheese

Beef Madras

Tender diced beef slow cooked with mustard seeds, fresh curry leaves, coconut cream and spices


Casserole dish serves 6 -8

Vegetarian Lasagne

Roasted eggplant, red peppers and mushrooms layered with pasta. Topped with béchamel sauce and parmesan

Vegetable Ratatouille

Assorted seasonal vegetables mixed with herbs and tomatoes

Vegetable Gnocchi

Homemade gnocchi cooked in a tasty tomato sauce

Jasmine Rice

Garlic Bread


Casserole dish serves 6 -8

Chicken Thighs with Bacon & Broccoli

Baked chicken thighs stuffed with smoked bacon and fresh broccoli in a teriyaki marinade

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken breast coated with bread crumbs and pan-fried in olive oil and parmesan cheese

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Pronto Favourite! Medium hot green curry with tender chicken, lime and coconut milk


Casserole dish serves 6 -8

Beef Lasagne

Home-style lasagne. Cheesy béchamel sauce, rich Bolognese and mushrooms. Everyone’s favourite!

Penne Di Pollo

Tender pieces of chicken with mushroom, bacon and cream

Chicken Tetrazzini Bake

Tender chicken, mushrooms and capsicum served in a creamy penne pasta topped with parmesan cheese


Our fresh delicious salads are presented in either recyclable salad trays or returnable bowls


– Serves 6 – 10


– Serves 10 – 15


– Serves 15 – 20


Garden Salad

Crisp lettuce, Roma tomatoes, cucumber, red capsicum with low-fat vinaigrette salad dressing served on the side

Greek Salad

Kalamata olives, red peppers, Roma tomatoes, feta, cucumber, Spanish onion and balsamic dressing

Pronto’s French Potato Salad

Potatoes, celery, red onions, hard boiled eggs and gherkins dressed in a Dijon mustard dressing

Pronto’s Pasta Salad

Penne pasta with spring onions, red and yellow capsicum and crisp celery dressed with a sour cream and Dijon mustard dressing

Homemade Coleslaw

Cabbage, carrots, onion and red peppers in a tangy dressing

Pronto’s Waldorf Salad

Walnuts, apple, celery and sultanas tossed in a light creamy dressing with a citrus kick