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Pronto’s Platters

Pronto’s Platters

Sharing Platter

Generous platter of antipasto treats

Hungarian salami, ventricina, coppa, Virginian ham, sundried tomatoes, marinated eggplant, Kalamata olives, green stuffed olives, sweet gherkins, marinated mushrooms, fetta, Gouda and a French stick.

Vegetarian Goddess

Tasty veggie selection

15 Sun-dried tomato, olive and feta mini quiche

12 Arancini balls

10 Mushroom parcels

The Ploughman’s Plate

A deluxe assortment

Honey leg ham, Hungarian salami slices, honey soy drumettes, Turkish bread, Thai chicken balls, Swiss cheese, feta, sundried tomatoes, olives, marinated mushrooms, chicken brandy pate and water crackers.

Bite of Bruschetta

Light and tasty entertainer

Garlic-toasted crisp bread

Pronto’s own tomato & fresh basil bruschetta

Party Favourites #1

Something for everyone

12 Tandoori drumettes

15 Thai chicken balls with sweet chilli sauce

15 Italian meatballs with tomato sauce

10 Gourmet mini quiche

Gourmet Pie Platter

A hearty homemade platter

10 Homemade Beef and Guinness pies

10 Homemade Creamy mushroom pies

10 Homemade Chicken and leek pies

10 Homemade Mini sausage rolls

Party Favourites #2

Something for everyone

12 Honey soy drumettes

15 Teriyaki chicken skewers

15 Arancini balls

10 Gourmet mini quiche

The Big Dipper

The perfect entertainer

Two large fresh dips, vegetable crudités, water crackers, antipasto selection, feta and Gouda with bite-size, oven-toasted pieces of Turkish bread

Pronto’s Deluxe Asian Plate

10 Honey soy drumettes

24 Sushi (choose from 2 flavours from the Finger Food Menu)

15 Thai meatballs with sweet chili sauce

10 Curry pumpkin puffs

Fresh Fruit Platters

An assortment of fresh seasonal sliced fruit

Large platter of seasonal fruit

Small platter of seasonal fruit

Large fruit and cheese platter

Small fruit and cheese platter

Pronto’s Hot Asian Plate

15 Vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce

15 Vegetarian samosas with sweet chilli sauce

10 Teriyaki chicken skewers

Cheese to Please

Perfect with wine

A large platter of cheese, including Brie, blue, Mersey Valley Cheddar and Swiss along with dried fruit, nuts, seasonal fruit and water crackers (GF crackers available).

Turkish Tapas Platter

Plenty of dipping

Oven-toasted Turkish bread chunks, 2 large dips, feta, Kalamata olives, baby gherkins, cocktail onions and marinated mushrooms.

Dip & Fresh Veggies

Assorted gluten free vegetarian dips

2 dips with assorted fresh veggies (20 people)

1 dip with assorted fresh veggies (10 people)