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Finger Food & Sandwiches

Finger Food

Caramelized Onion Tartlets GF Available

Tasty mini tarts with sweet caramelized onions & fetta cheese

Mini Sausage Rolls GF Available

Homemade beef sausage rolls

Chicken Drummettes GF Available

Mini chicken drumsticks in tandoori spices

Mini chicken drumsticks in honey soy

Party Pies -Steak

Tasty mini beef steak pies

Chicken Tikka or Beef Satay Skewers

Spiced chicken tikka or marinated satay beef

Prawn Rice Paper Rolls (GF)

Prawns & crisp salad in two bite sized pieces

Cocktail Meatballs

Traditional Italian with tomato sauce or Thai chicken with sweet chilli sauce

Roast Capsicum & Olive Tarts GF Available

Roasted red peppers, olives & tasty cheese

Creamy Mushroom Parcels

Tasty mini tarts with creamy mushrooms

Salmon & Cucumber Rolls (GF)

Cucumber, lettuce & Tasmanian smoked salmon. Cut into two bite sized pieces

Curry Pumpkin Puffs GF Available

Mild Indian flavoured pumpkin curry puffs-delicious!

Prawn Rice Paper Rolls (GF)

Prawns & crisp salad in two bite sized pieces

FetaCini Balls

Vegetable rice balls with a fetta cheese centre

Spinach and Ricotta Triangles

A light & tasty vegetarian option

Frittata Bites (GF)

Fetta, olive, sundried tomato; Ham & cheese; Spinach, pumpkin, fetta. Served cold

Spinach Ricotta Rolls

Vegetarian sausage roll option

Homemade Mini Pies

Beef & Guinness, Chicken & leek, Creamy mushroom

Spring Rolls & Samosa

Crispy vegetarian snacks served with a dipping sauce

Mexican Empanadas

Spicy parcels of beef, corn & black beans served with a sour cream & avocado sauce

Sushi – Order in lots of 12

Nori rolls with soy sauce & wasabi.

Chicken, California, Tuna, Vegetable, Vegetable Tempura or Smoked Salmon

Mexican Poppers

Spicy vegetarian option with hot jalapeno peppers and cheese

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Tender chicken strips in teriyaki sauce

Mini Pizzettes (GF)

Salami, olive & mushroom

Roast capsicum, olive & pesto

Chicken, avocado & sundried tomatoes

Thai Prawn Twisters

Prawns in spring roll wraps served with Thai chilli sauce

Mini Quiche GF Available

Fetta, olive, sundried tomato; Ham & cheese; Spinach, pumpkin, fetta

Vegetable Arancini Cakes GF Available

Mini vegetable rice cakes served with sweet chilli sauce

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Chicken, beef (GF), or vegetarian (GF) with crisp salad. Cut into two bite sized pieces fresh & tasty!


Sandwiches, Continental Rolls and Wraps


Quartered & served on an assortment of bakery fresh multigrain, wholemeal & malt & sunflower bread. Choose from the delicious range of Pronto fillings below

Continental Rolls

Continental Rolls are fresh baked rolls in an assortment of white, multigrain, wholemeal & malt & sunflower & filled with gourmet fillings from the list below. Each one is cut into three manageable pieces


Pronto’s wraps are filled with selections from the list below, rolled neatly & cut into two manageable halves

Finger Sandwiches (Order in multiples of 3)

Three slices of bread with crusts removed, layered with delicious fillings & cut into thirds. Perfect for a formal afternoon tea or an evening meeting when a regular sandwich just won’t do!

Gluten Free Sandwiches

Sandwiches made with delicious fillings on gluten free bread

Gluten Free Wraps or Rolls

A gluten free wrap or roll generously filled with gluten free fillings

Pronto’s Delicious Sandwich Fillings

  • Chicken I Sun Dried Tomatoes I Avocado I Sweet Pea Sprouts I Cheese I Mayonnaise
  • Gourmet Salad & Homemade Hummus (Vegetarian)
  • Continental Meats I Swiss Cheese I Olives I Marinated Eggplant I Chargrilled Vegetable Chutney
  • Leg Ham I Swiss Cheese I Shredded Crisp Lettuce I Tomato I Carrot I Cucumber I Mustard
  • Leg Ham I Brie I Roma Tomatoes I Shredded Crisp Lettuce/ Mustard
  • Chicken I Gourmet Salad I Mayonnaise I Bacon
  • Tuna I Cucumber I Shredded Crisp Lettuce I Mayonnaise
  • Hungarian Salami I Swiss Cheese I Shredded Crisp Lettuce I Tomato I Cream Cheese
  • Curried Egg I Shredded Crisp Lettuce I Tomato (Vegetarian)
  • Bacon I Lettuce I Tomato I Avocado
  • Salmon I Cream Cheese I Avocado I Cracked Pepper I Spanish Onion
  • Egg I Salad I Shredded Crisp Lettuce